Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sample Daily Meal Planner #4

1 slice Mestemacher Sunflower Seed Bread, spread with jelly
1 cup Low-Budget Summer Fruit Salad

Morning Snack
Kettle Corn flavor rice cakes
1 banana

2 plain pitas, each filled with:
* 2 tbsp. hummus (spread)
* sliced courgettes (or small green zucchini)
* lettuce
* red pepper strips (if using from jar, drain on paper towel first)
* sliced plum tomatoes

Afternoon Snack
Water crackers generously spread with sun-dried tomato paste and topped with sliced olives and/or shredded carrots.

Citrus Salmon
Herbed veggies with orzo (use leftovers for lunch tomorrow!)

Before Bed Snack
Bowl of dairy-free sorbet (such as Savino-brand) with sliced strawberries and crushed almonds

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